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Ezcaray Seating

Esta empresa ha recibido una ayuda cofinanciada por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional para el proyecto de "Ampliación de fábrica con la construcción de nueva nave de almacén, acondicionamiento de zona Showroom y maquinaria", del Programa Operativo FEDER de La Rioja 2014-2020.

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about us
about us
It’s handcraft
Since then and despite all the changes and developments in all industrial processes and despite the modernization and mechanization of our sector, we have never stopped working with our own hands, projecting our passion for our work, our profession. A great deal of our processes are still artisanal, just as it should be.
about us
From Ezcaray, destination: the World.
More than six decades have gone by since the dream of 16 entrepreneurs came alive and became established as one of the main seat manufacturer and leading exporters in the world.

Experience, versatility and credit worthiness define us. More than half a century ago, it was our determination in putting all our faith on keeping the artisan and pioneer spirit in what we do, what allowed us to make our way into the market. Progressively incorporating all necessary innovation processes, new dynamic and work systems to face a very demanding present time and an enthusiastic future.
about us
It’s passion for detail
Passion for detail.
The devil is in the details. In Ezcaray we don’t do things randomly, we care greatly for our projects, for our raw materials and for the finishing touch, making our best to reach excellence.
From production systems to management and logistics, we work with the quality standards that our customers demand and deserve. Our cooperative’s way of making things, what we could call, our process DNA, can be found in each and every seat and project.
Passion for a good work.
about us
It’s technology
The industry moves, progresses, and we move with it.
We update and apply the latest production and management systems.
In Ezcaray, tradition and the latest software, craftsmanship and the most innovative technology coexist.
about us
It’s design
Creativity in search of innovative solutions. We design our own projects or we create ad hoc products tailored to meet each and every client’s needs. We understand their needs and we add value to them.
about us
It’s tradition
More than half a century manufacturing seats for communities based on tradition and respect for century-old trades. The mastery of those professionals who came before us is what encourages us.
We reflect ourselves on them and on their way to do things:the wood, the leather, the forging, the embroidery.
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